Submittal Program

Complete Install (38 mb)

Does NOT include Magic-Pak, use separate program


Multi-User Notes:

The Allied Submittal Program standard install  is designed to work as a single user computer under a single logon ID.  Data is stored under: "c:\Documents and Settings\USER\Local Settings\Application Data"  on Windows XP or  "c:\Users\USER\AppData\Local" on Windows Vista

Of course this does not work on systems, where multiple users use the same computer (either directly or under Terminal Services).  To allow multiple users, the install has been revised to place the data files in the same directory as the exe file when the program is NOT installed under "Program Files".

To install the program for multiple users, enter a path not under "Program Files" in the installation program, such as "C:\Allied\asp".  This same directory MUST be specified during all Update Installs.  

Users must have read, write, create, delete authority to the directory where the program is installed. (The access database locking files which are created and deleted during program operation.)  On Windows Vista, you have to share the directory with the other users and give "Co-owner" authority, as well as removing "Read Only".   If you get a "Run Time Error 75: Path/File access error", the user does not have permission.   All Update installs require Admin capabilities. 


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